The streets of Brussels are preparing to put on their festive mantle with the long-awaited return of the Winter Pleasures, illuminating the capital from 24 November to 31 December 2023, with an extension until 7 January 2024. This iconic celebration, whose centerpiece is the Christmas market, attracts millions of visitors each year to immerse themselves in the warm atmosphere of the festivities.

The Christmas Market Elected «Most Beautiful in the World»

From November 24, the magic operates with the largest Christmas market in Brussels, elected «most beautiful market in Europe and the World» in 2023, attracting no less than 3.5 million visitors during the last edition. The 250 illuminated stalls, the passionate shopkeepers and the festive atmosphere create an unforgettable experience in the heart of the city.

Each carefully decorated stand offers a variety of handicrafts, from Christmas decorations to gourmet delights. Shopkeepers, passionate about their products, create an atmosphere where every visitor feels invited to explore and soak up the magic of the holidays.

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Light, ice rink and artistic discoveries

Beyond the market, the Winter Pleasures reserve other enchantments. The ice rink, a real winter attraction, offers gliding moments in a magical setting. In addition, curling rinks and artistic discoveries promise a rich and varied program.

Light and Atmosphere

Light is the central element that turns the Christmas market into a dazzling winter kingdom. Thousands of twinkling lights create a celestial canvas above visitors, plunging them into a fairytale atmosphere. Every corner of the market is imbued with a warm and joyful atmosphere.

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The ice rink and its magical moments

The ice rink, a jewel of the Winter Pleasures, becomes the place where visitors can create unforgettable memories. Families jump on the ice, laughter resounds, and the magic of winter is expressed through the pirouettes of skaters. The curling rinks add a playful touch, providing an entertaining experience for all.

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The Magic of Artistic Discoveries

Among the jewels of the Winter Pleasures, artistic discoveries captivate the imagination of visitors. Innovative light installations emerge in the streets, creating an ephemeral urban landscape that amazes passers-by. These ephemeral works of art, often interactive, invite visitors to immerse themselves in a unique sensory experience.

Cultural and Culinary Exploration

Beyond the main attractions, the Winter Pleasures offer a unique opportunity to explore Belgian culture and gastronomy. Ephemeral cultural spaces highlight local history and traditions. Gourmets can enjoy a variety of Belgian dishes, from classics to contemporary creations, creating a memorable dining experience.


Special Events and Shows

Outdoor shows and concerts. Local and international artists enrich the atmosphere with their talent. Visitors can attend theatrical performances, live music concerts and street performances, adding an artistic and entertaining dimension to the event.

The extension of this great event until January 7, 2024 adds a special dimension to the celebration of the New Year. The festivities continue with special events organized to welcome the new year. The fireworks set the sky ablaze, creating a sparkling canvas above Brussels and marking the beginning of a new year full of promise.

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The Winter Pleasures in Brussels transcend the ordinary to offer a majestic experience. Each element, from dazzling illuminations to family activities, creates a world where the magic of the holidays comes to life. By extending the celebration until the New Year, Brussels has established itself as the unmissable destination for those looking to celebrate the season in a grandiose way.