What better idea than to bring back some chocolate made in Belgium during your stay ?

It is the perfect gift to treat your family or friends! Or for the most greedy among you, it's the opportunity to treat yourself when you come back from your stay in Brussels and make the trip last a little longer!

There are many places to buy and taste chocolate in Brussels and it is sometimes difficult to find your way around. Don't worry, we have selected for you some exceptional chocolate shops that are located very close to the Arbany Hotels!


The story of Corné Port-Royal began in 1932, when a young pastry chef named Maurice Corné chose to establish himself as a chocolate manufacturer in Brussels, then known simply as Corné. Success came almost quickly, and the traditional recipes and know-how are still appreciated today, despite over 90 years of expertise. Corné Port-Royal creates the finest pralines every day, using recipes that have been passed down for generations.

Some celebrities, including Maurice Chevalier, come to buy Belgian chocolates when they come to Brussels.

The house is especially known for its famous "Manon sucre", a praline made of fresh cream, nougatine and walnut kernels, which is now part of the Belgian heritage. 

The nearest Corné-Port Royal store is located in the Galerie de Reine, a two-minute walk from the Aris Grand-Place. Don't hesitate to visit it on your way out of the hotel!


Neuhaus, the creator of the praline, makes exquisite chocolates. What is his secret? A selection of the best ingredients, a know-how of more than 160 years, and a production only in its workshops in Brussels. This Belgian chocolatier, which has outlets in Brussels, London, New York and many other cities, is the official supplier to the Royal Court of Belgium. 

Like the Corné Port-Royal boutique, you will find Neuheus in the famous Galerie de la Reine, on your left as you leave the Aris Hotel Grand-Place.




Pierre Marcolini the "chocolatier of haute-couture" continues to use cocoa in a variety of ways and enthusiastically promotes his love of pastry, even on our television screens, after revitalizing traditional Belgian chocolate with lighter products and elegant packaging. Crowned World Pastry Champion in Lyon in 1995, Pierre Marcolini was named Best Pastry Chef in the World in 2020. A well-deserved honor for the man who perpetuates the chocolate heritage (his chocolate is made from the cocoa bean!).

You can also taste the Eskimo ice cream, perfect for a relaxing break after visiting Brussels!

Funny coincidence, the Pierre Marcolini Boutique is also located right next to the Aris Grand-Place Hotel in the Galerie de la Reine! From now on, you have no excuse not to bring back a chocolate treat from your stay in Brussels as a souvenir!




If you want to know more about the making of Belgian chocolate, the Choco-Story Brussels museum located right next to the Grand-Place, explains the history and the process of chocolate making.

Bonus: the visit ends with a demonstration and a tasting!


Enjoy the tasting!