Brussels is a city rich in culture, history and gastronomy. Among the culinary specialities of the Belgian capital are the famous brasseries, establishments that offer both food and drink, often beer. Brasseries are friendly, authentic places where you can sample typical Belgian dishes such as moules-frites, stoemp, meatballs, carbonnade, vol-au-vent, waterzooi and many others. Here are a few Brussels restaurants that are well worth a visit.

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The Brothers Brasserie

The Brothers Brasserie in Rue Chair et Pain 9 is open every day of the week and serves modern Belgian cuisine.
This brasserie is known for its warm atmosphere and friendly service. Dishes are prepared with fresh, local ingredients and the wine list is well-stocked.
Dishes offered at The Brothers Brasserie in Brussels' Grand Place include a variety of options, such as the American minute, the famous "THE BROTHERS" Burger made with Irish Angus beef, daily specials, desserts and drinks. The menu appears to offer a selection of brasserie fare, including traditional dishes and more contemporary options.
Prices are reasonable for the quality of food and service.
If you're looking for a brasserie that combines tradition and modernity, The Brothers K&P is a good address in Brussels.

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Grimbergen Café

Located on Place Sainte-Catherine, the brasserie is open every day of the week from 11am to 11pm. Here you can enjoy Grimbergen dishes and beers.

Grimbergen Café is known for its lively atmosphere and wide selection of Belgian beers. Their menu offers a variety of traditional Belgian dishes, as well as mussels and steak frites. It also includes brasserie dishes such as shrimp croquettes, Flemish carbonnades, Liège-style dumplings, vol-au-vent and hot dishes served with seasonal vegetables and rice pilaf.

In addition to the dishes, Grimbergen Café offers a selection of Grimbergen beers, a brand of abbey beer founded in 1128 by the monks of Grimbergen Abbey. You can choose from a variety of beers, including blonde, brown, triple, white, red, golden, maple, Christmas, and many more.

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La Chaloupe d'Or

This brasserie is famous for its location on the Grand-Place and its historic atmosphere. It offers a variety of typical Belgian dishes, but in a slightly more gastronomic version than is usually found in this type of establishment. The menu includes dishes such as shrimp croquette, carbonnade, boulets à la liégeoise, vol-au-vent, fish waterzooi, as well as hot dishes served with seasonal vegetables and pilaw rice. Dishes such as filet mignon, gyros, falafel, dim sum, kebab, baguettes, pad thai and burritos are also on offer.

La Chaloupe d'Or offers a breathtaking view of the Grand-Place in Brussels, one of the most beautiful squares in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The brewery occupies a historic building dating from the 17th century, which was rebuilt after the fire of 1695 that ravaged the Grand-Place. The brewery takes its name from the statue of the golden rowboat that adorns its façade, representing the boat that carried Brussels' patron saint, Saint Michael, in his victory over the dragon.

If you want to enjoy an exceptional setting and refined cuisine, La Chaloupe d'Or is a brasserie not to be missed on your visit to Brussels.

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Le Paon Brussels

A warm atmosphere and friendly service are the hallmarks of this restaurant, located at Grand-Place 35.

Le Paon Brussels offers a menu for lunch and dinner. The menu includes a variety of dishes such as cheese and shrimp croquettes, snails, pasta, waffles, pies, meat dishes such as fried American, fried stoofvlees (beef carbonnade), fried meatballs in tomato sauce, fried grilled chicken and salad, fried breaded chicken and salad, and chicken and fish dishes.

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La Brouette Grand Place

La Brouette Grand Place is a traditional brasserie overlooking the Grand Place. It has a terrace, wooden benches and chandeliers in the shape of a crown. The menu is adapted to vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free diets.

This brasserie is renowned for its historic setting and its breathtaking views over the Grand-Place.

If you want to enjoy a pleasant moment in a brasserie steeped in history and charm, La Brouette Grand Place est warmly welcomes you.

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Breweries are a key part of Belgian gastronomy. They offer you the opportunity to taste delicious, typical dishes, accompanied by local beers or selected wines. Whether you're looking for a modern or traditional brasserie, a lively or cosy brasserie, a brasserie with a view or without a view, you're bound to find what you're looking for among the many brasseries in and around Brussels. We invite you to visit them and let us know what you think. Enjoy your meal!