May, a month when Brussels is decked out in its finest, offers an exceptionally rich visual and cultural spectacle at the Grand-Place. Right next door, at Alma Grand Place and Aris Grand Place, you'll find the doors to some dazzling activities. Let us take you on a fascinating journey to the heart of the Belgian capital.

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The Iris Festival - At the heart of Brussels traditions

From 4 to 5 May, the Grand-Place will be ablaze for the Iris Festival, celebrating the anniversary of the Brussels-Capital Region. Transformed into an open-air theatre, the square will be alive with music, dance and street art. Artists and spectators from all walks of life come together in a celebration of Brussels' cultural diversity. Enjoy free concerts, captivating performances and interactive workshops a sensory feast for young and old alike.  Find out more about the Iris Festival.

La Fête de l'Iris revient les 4 et 5 mai 2024 à Bruxelles

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Thematic Guided Tours - Discover the Secrets of the Grand-Place 

Every weekend in May, make the most of spring by immersing yourself in the soul of Brussels thanks to guided tours. The Grand-Place reveals itself through tales of medieval history, fascinating urban legends or the famous Belgian chocolate making tradition. These enriching excursions allow you to discover the city in a new light, in the company of passionate storytellers and. Book your guided tour here

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The Flower Market - A Kaleidoscope of Colours and Fragrances

Spring in the Belgian capital is a flowery walk, a veritable explosion of colour and fragrance that takes place every Wednesday at the Grand-Place. This emblematic site organises an ephemeral flower market that is very popular in May. Stroll between the stalls adorned with tulips, hyacinths and orchids, and let yourself be charmed by the expert advice of the local horticulturists. A unique opportunity to take home a floral souvenir from Brussels.

Marché au fleurs. | Mes balades photos sans faç

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Gastronomy in the Grand Place - A Festive Feast for the Senses 

From 16 to 17 May, the Grand-Place will be transformed into a gastronomic paradise, showcasing the delicate flavours of Belgium. From craft beer tasting workshops to live cooking demonstrations, every moment is an invitation to savour local cuisine reinvented by our chefs. A must for food lovers looking for an authentic culinary experience.

Où manger à Bruxelles - Plats typiques, horaires et restaurants

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Enlightened Nights - The Magic of Lights 

When the night falls at 9pm, the Grand-Place lights up with a captivating light show. The historic city facades tell the epic story of Brussels through a ballet of light that enchants visitors, making a perfect end to your nights out.

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May is the perfect time to explore Brussels, a city where tradition and modernity meet to create unforgettable experiences. Alma Grand Place and Aris Grand Place are more than just a place to stay; they are a starting point for adventure, promising rewarding moments at every turn.