The famous American restaurant chain Hard Rock Café (« HRC »,  founded in 1971 by the American businessmen Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton in London - There was no American restaurant in Europe!) located in the heart of Brussels, on the Grand Place at number 12A in a 16th century building in 2012.

Website : https://www.hardrockcafe.com/location/brussels/

The first location of the Hard Rock Cafe was a former dealership Rolls Royce.


Since 2007, property of the Seminole Indian Tribe Florida. These Native Americans have become, over the years, the kings of the game in the United States. This great people of warriors prides itself on never having been "subjugated".

Kitchen open until 11pm!


Over 500,000 beers and 500,000 burgers, two million merchandising items sold in 10 years.



Temple of the "rock n' roll" burger?







The burger, an international invention?

Invented by Mongolian warriors in the 12th century (steak was made from slices of raw horse meat) ?

Could the hamburger be "American" with German roots (since its name comes from the city of Hamburg in Germany) ?

Several Americans are fighting over the paternity of the burger (= star of American cuisine and fast food, a timeless gastronomy that never ceases to renew itself).

The country even celebrates Hamburger Day, every May 28.

Officially, according to the Library of Congress, the nation's oldest federal culturak institution in Washington D. C.), Louis Lassen created the burger. C.), it was Louis Lassen who created the burger.

According to Charlie Nagreen (a Wisconsin resident), he invented the burger in 1885, when he was only 15 years old.

Another lead claims that the burger was born in 1895 thanks to two brothers, the Menches brothers in Hamburg, New-York . This American city of Hamburg is the seat of Ashley County, Arkansas.

What is your choice?

At HRC Brussels : langue de Shakespeare's language is used, but some of the staff also express themselves in the language of Molière.


Jim Morrison … (1943-1971), pseudonym of James Douglas Morrison, american rock singer, « cursed poet maudit »?, main member of the band "The Doors"true idol of rock music, provocative sex symbol, intellectual engaged in the movement of the « protest song »…, buried in the cimetière du Père-Lachaise cemetery  is he at the origin of the Hard Rock Café?


For the record, the name of the café comes from the eponymous B-side of The Doors' 1970 album: « Morrison Hôtel ».

The name itself comes from a bar in Los Angeles (now closed) whose front and back cover photos are the work of Henry Diltz, one of the photographers of Woodstock a gigantic music festival emblematic of the hippie hat took place in August 1969, with half a million festival-goers).


This "hard rock café" mentioned on the cover (on the back of the album) is a bar for old workers (dirty red facade, double wooden doors, almost completely blacked out windows...) at number 300 of the 5th street.

 To illustrate the album "Morrison Hotel", a picture of the window of this "mysterious" dingy hotel taken from the outside of 1246 South Hope Street in a popular neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Wide angle shot inside so we can see the Christmas tree that adorns the entrance.

The iconic Hard Rock Cafe logo has used a lettering style for decades. Easy to spot.

Source of Inspiration: Chevrolet hood ornament ((all-American car brand) ?


The "rock museum" aspect came in the course of time, notably because of a certain Eric Clapton (nicknamed the "God" of blues, considered by the prestigious  Rolling Stones magazine as the fourth greatest guitarist of all time).






The Hard Rock Café Brussels has dining rooms, a space dedicated to concerts (weekly?), a lounge bar, a "Rock Shop" offering merchandise (popular "Classic Hard Rock" T-shirts, magnets, pins, mugs, etc.).

Area of more than 500 square meters spread over several floors.

Spaces that you can reserve for an event (birthday parties, business meetings, team building weddings).

The only Hard Rock Café in the world to have an art gallery on the third floor, where visitors can admire exclusive pieces that belonged to a multitude of famous musicians (objects, all authentic).

The consumer can admire in this establishment its collections, all dedicated to rock: instruments, stage outfits, play lists, record sleeves, …(guitar of Mick Jones of The Clash, a military beret of Elvis Presley,  a handwritten note of John Lennon and some rare drawings dating from his honeymoon with Yoko Ono.…cult pieces ...).

Music and food in the purest american style : sandwiches, burgers, steak burgers, salads & bowls, nachos (a Mexican dish made of corn flour)...?


A variety of offerings including the Original Legendary® Burger (Black Angus steak, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, green salad, tomatoes, crispy onion rings)

The footballer of the PSG (Paris Saint-Germain Football Club),

 Lionel Messi (world football star) has just created his burger recipe, the « Messi Burger » (ten ingredients, the fetish number of the Argentine player used to wear the jersey No. 10), for the Hard Rock Cafe.


Beef steaks can be replaced by vegetable steaks.

The Argentinean striker becomes an ambassador of the brand.

This collaboration is a tribute to the first Hard Rock Café in London, which in the 70s sold t-shirts to sponsor a local soccer team.


October 13: celebration of the international day of the hamburger.


On July 4th, Americans celebrate « Independence Day »  ( "American National Day" a fundamental and constitutive event of their history: the signature of their Declaration of Independence. Until 1776, America was a British colony...). One of the most important day in the United States

If you take a look at the menu, on the side of the Belgian beers, they propose you, among others Chimay, Westmalle, Grimbergen, but also the Zinne bir and the Jambes de bois.




A beer with a pronounced bitterness, born in the cellars of a Brussels squat, it is the founding beer of the Brasserie de la Senne. Instant success.

Emblematic product, real identity card of this Brussels brewery (known by beer geeks...) created by Bernard Leboucq and Yvan De Baets, dark heroes of bitter) who met in 2002 on the occasion of the 2nd Zinneke Parade of Brussels, biennial folk event (read chapter 2).






Zinnebir and its iconic green and yellow label has revolutionized the tastes of the Brussels inhabitants.

This "star beer", the "urban Brussels", brought bitterness back to the forefront and launched the trend of so-called "thirst-quenching" beers, "light in alcohol."

An "artisanal and unfiltered" lager with the name of Zenne Pils was also put on the market.

The Brasserie de la Senne is the precursor of the bitter trend in Belgium




A lightly copper-colored craft beer that pays tribute to the Belgian revolution.

So you will see "Belgian Revolution Triple 1830" on the label (no Dutch people were hurt during the making of this beer).

The storytelling of the label refers to the story of a Napoleonic soldier who came from Liege in 1830 to drive the Dutch out of Belgium. The man was on the front line... despite his peg leg.

A very graphic label created by Jean-Sébastien Govaert.

Triple beer, which draws 8° of alcohol.

A revolution of its own, get ready for the attack

Powerful beer in mouth.

The beers of the Brasserie de la Senne are organic craft beers, unfiltered, free of any additive and refermented in bottles or in barrels.

Beers with character, 100% "made in Brussels";

The Brasserie de la Senne is a young Belgian brewery whose watchwords are "quality" and "tradition".

The raw materials are rigorously chosen according to their quality.

Visits to this brewery are only open to the public on weekdays from 9am to 3pm and in groups of at least 15 people.


The tasting room was also built almost entirely from recycled materials.

The beers are brewed in the Brussels Region, on two sites:

-           in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean (at 565 chaussée de Gand): This site is mainly dedicated to barrique beers.

-          On the site of Tour & Taxis, new brewery since 2019.

The buildings have been designed with sustainability in mind, including various heat and rainwater recovery systems and photovoltaic panels on the roof.

Photovoltaic panels that you will also find on the roofs of the Aris Grand-Place and Alma Grand-place Hôtels.

Eco-friendly hotels.

Each hotel is equipped with photovoltaic panels allowing the production of green energy.

The seven brands that make up the permanent line are:

The Brusseleir, the Jambe de Bois, the Stouterik, the Zinnebir, the Taras Boulba, the Zenne Pils and the Bruxellensis.


THE STOUTERIK :  is a light (4.5% alc.), bottle-refermented, Irish-style Belgian craft stout. Its color is a deep black with a ruby hue.

Brie cheese works perfectly with this beer (brie de Meaux, brie de Melun …).



100% bruxells-based, is a blond beer (particular) brewed on the basis of wild yeasts from Brussels of the brettanomyces type (from its little name BRETT). Refermented for four months in the bottle.

A bottle with a colorful label in the image of Brussels, a multicultural city par excellence.

Brussels, a true cultural mosaic.

Brussels, its Grand Place, its Manneken-Pis and its yeast!

Brettanomyces-type yeasts are very present in the Senne Valley, where most lambics producers are located, type of beer made from these wild ferments.



Brown beer for a strong Black IPA style, generous beige foam, 8% vol alc.



A beautiful blond, thirst-quenching beer, light and refreshing, perfect for sunny afternoons or simply to start your evening.


The name Taras Bulba refers to a novel written by Nikolai Gogol (the Russian-Ukrainian grandmaster).


The label is amusing, intriguing with its mention: "Awel Merci! Taras Boulba es roezeg van kolaire! Zanne zaune es mi een wolline getraut!" (well thank you! Taras Boulba is red with anger! His son married a Walloon woman!).


All the labels are recognizable among thousands, even if they are all different.

Don't forget to taste the beers of the Brasserie de la Senne in an adapted glass.





The Senne is the source of everything in Brussels.

The alpha and omega?

 For the city, but also for the beer.

The watercourse is iconic in 2022 also because it has been brought back into the light in several places for the past 10 years.


We invite you to take a dip in the new bedding of the HOTELS ARBANYjust a stone's throw from the Senne! It's a matter of course...