At both Hotel Alma and Aris Grand-Place, our dedication to hospitality goes beyond mere service. Discover how our exceptional team creates a memorable experience, shaped by heartfelt testimonials from our guests.

The Smile that Welcomes

The essence of our hospitality lies in the warm smile that accompanies every arrival. Our customers are not just visitors, but guests, and it is with this mentality that every member of our team commits. "The welcome, helpfulness and smile of the staff!!!" Maumarti, IT. These words sum up the Arbany hotel experience perfectly. Our staff embody helpfulness with a personal touch, making every stay memorable.

Personalised moments

"The reception service exceeded my expectations, they provided us with all the what, where and when information. She recommended some very good restaurants. High service culture." Erwin, PL.

Our receptionists don't just provide information, they create personalised itineraries and share their local knowledge for authentic experiences.


Our reception teams are available 24/7, offering unprecedented flexibility. What's more, you can enjoy your room until 2pm on the day of your departure. An extra charge that makes all the difference.

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Some testimonials

"I accidentally dropped my necklace in the sink, and they were SO helpful in retrieving it for me." The staff's dedication to providing service beyond expectations creates moments that stay with our guests.

"I loved my stay here in October... The location is incredible, there's nothing better as you're within walking distance of everything. But best of all was the staff."

The satisfaction of our guests is the ultimate testament to our commitment to exceptional hospitality. More than just a stay, it's an immersion in a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes the Alma and Aris Grand-Place Hotel an unforgettable choice.

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A warm welcome is not just a formality, it's a promise kept to every guest. From sincere smiles to thoughtful recommendations, every gesture is imbued with the welcoming spirit that defines our hotels.