The end of the year is approaching, and it's time to plan how you'd like to ring in the New Year. Brussels offers a multitude of options to suit all tastes and preferences.

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New Year's Eve fireworks at the Atomium

In the heart of Brussels, the Atomium is transformed into a spectacle of light and colour to welcome in the New Year. The traditional New Year's Eve fireworks display is a not-to-be-missed event, offering a magical, family-friendly atmosphere. The baubles on the Atomium sparkle in sync with the music, creating a festive atmosphere. From 10pm onwards, a DJ leads the countdown to midnight, followed by an 18-minute fireworks display. Admission is free, making this an accessible and unforgettable event.

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FCKNYE Festival

For a festive experience like no other, the FCKNYE Festival is a veritable Brussels institution. With four stages hosting 34 artists, including names such as PLK, Gazo, Hamza, Josman, Lorenzo, Amélie Lens, Vladimir Cauchemar, Dirtyphonics, and Ascendant Vierge, the evening promises to be electrifying. It's the biggest New Year's Eve party in Belgium and probably in Europe, guaranteeing an exhilarating celebration for all music fans.

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Spirito : A wild party in a former church

Spirito, housed in a former Anglican church in Ixelles, offers nine hours of wild New Year's Eve partying. This emblematic club, renowned for its diverse musical evenings ranging from Latino to hip-hop, house and rap, promises an exceptional New Year's Eve party with three fiery DJ sets.

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Chocolates and the Chocolate Museum : A Gourmet Celebration

From chocolate gifts to chocolate frangipani, the city is transformed into a sweet paradise. The Chocolate Museum is a must-see. You'll discover the origins of cocoa and the history of its importation through captivating rooms and exhibitions. The highlight of the visit is a demonstration of the creation of a Brussels speciality, praline. The opportunity to taste chocolates from various Latin American countries completes this sensory experience.

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Réveillon de l'Improviste in Forest : An Intimate and Festive Party
For those looking for a more intimate New Year's Eve party, the Réveillon de l'Improviste in Forest offers a warm and festive atmosphere. Although less massive than some other celebrations, this evening makes up for it with its friendly atmosphere. Artistic performances, lively music and careful decoration create an intimate and memorable experience to welcome in the New Year.

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Viva Las Vegas, New Year's Eve at the Viage : Entertainment and Animated Evenings
If you're looking for a fun and lively experience, "Viva Las Vegas, New Year at the Viage" is the event not to be missed. This programme offers a variety of entertainment, from casino games to live shows. The Viage Casino is transformed into a Brussels version of the Las Vegas Strip, offering an evening of games and shows to celebrate the arrival of the New Year in an unforgettable way.


Plein Public : 5 Star Menu and All Night Long Open Bar

For an evening where gastronomy takes centre stage, Plein Public is offering a 5-star menu and an all-night long open bar. This event combines culinary delicacy with a festive atmosphere, offering an elegant alternative to celebrating New Year's Eve. Guests can look forward to an exceptional dining experience in a sophisticated setting.

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Barabar : New Year's Eve party with DJ and Open Bar

Let's end our exploration of New Year's Eve festivities in Brussels with the New Year's Eve party at Barabar. This evening promises a dynamic experience with a DJ providing the musical entertainment and an open bar to ensure a lively atmosphere throughout the night.

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Whichever option you choose, Brussels offers a diverse range of events. From spectacular celebrations to intimate festivities, the Belgian capital knows how to welcome in the New Year. Plan your evening carefully for a memorable and festive experience to mark the start of 2024.