To make sure your visit to the Brussels Christmas Market in 2023 is a memorable one, here are a few tips to keep you on the lookout for good deals, so you can make the most of the festive atmosphere and winter wonders of the Belgian capital.

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Book your accommodation in advance

The success of the Christmas Market attracts visitors from all over the world, making it crucial to book your accommodation in advance. Avoid high prices and limited availability by planning your stay as early as possible. Opt for hotels near the Grand-Place for total immersion in the spirit of the festivities.


Use public transport

Brussels has an excellent public transport network, a recommended option especially during busy periods. Take the metro, tram or bus to get to the Christmas market without hassle. This will allow you to avoid the hassle of parking and concentrate fully on exploring the enchanted markets.

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Visit the Grand-Place, the Magical Heart of Winter Fun

If you don't have a lot of time, why not devote your visit to the Grand-Place. This is where the heart of Winter Fun beats, and where the majestic Christmas tree and enchanted nativity scene come to life. Soak up the unique atmosphere of this emblematic place, which is transformed into a winter wonderland.

Make sure you don't miss the Sound and Light Show

Make your way to the Grand-Place for the not-to-be-missed Sound and Light Show. Each performance is a visual delight, illuminating the historic facades with vibrant colours. The experience is free and adds a touch of magic to your night-time visit.


Enjoy the entertainment and special events

The Christmas Market offers a host of entertainment and special events. From enchanting concerts and captivating guided tours to curling rinks and an ice skating rink, there's something for everyone. Visit the official Plaisirs d'Hiver website for up-to-date information on the programme and events scheduled during your stay.

Taste Belgian culinary specialities

The Brussels Christmas Market is the ideal place to satisfy your taste buds with Belgian culinary delights. Don't miss the chance to sample crispy waffles, golden Chips, comforting hot chocolate and invigorating mulled wine. Let yourself be tempted by the unique flavours of Belgium for a festive gastronomic experience.

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Stroll through the lively districts

Beyond this grandiose event, take the time to explore the surrounding districts. Brussels comes alive with festive lights, bright decorations and a warm atmosphere in many neighbourhoods. Hidden shopping streets and small squares can reveal unexpected treasures and authentic local atmospheres.

Capture the Magic Moment

Don't forget to bring your camera or smartphone to capture the magic moments. The sparkling decorations, picturesque stalls and happy smiles create unforgettable memories. Share your experience on social networks to join the online festive community.

Check Special Times and Dates

Before you visit, be sure to check market opening times, especially on public holidays. Some attractions and stalls may have special opening times during the festive period. Also look out for one-off events that could make your visit even more special.

Join a Guided Tour for a Local Experience

For an even deeper immersion into the Christmas atmosphere in Brussels, consider joining a guided tour. Local guides can offer unique perspectives, share fascinating stories and guide you to lesser-known but equally charming corners.

Take part in Interactive Activities

The Brussels Christmas Markets offer interactive activities for all ages. From craft workshops to children's games, these participative moments add a playful touch to your experience. Check out the programme of activities to find out what the market has to offer.

Keep an eye out for Special Offers

Some traders and stalls offer special deals over the festive period. Whether it's discounts on artisan products, special promotions or free tastings, keep an eye out for opportunities that could make your shopping experience even more enjoyable.

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By following these tips, your visit to the Brussels Christmas Market in 2023 will be an enchanted adventure, filled with discoveries, flavours and magical memories. Prepare to be transported to a world of winter wonderland in the heart of this captivating European capital.