Delvaux, this Belgian label that we love. Luxury handbags always very trendy. Which model makes you fall in love?

You will find on the map of the GALERIE DE LA REINE below, the number 1 which concerns a "House" (store) older than Belgium!



And « number one » for several reasons...



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The oldest luxury leather goods brand in the world, founded in Belgium in 1829. A unique brand.

Its history is woven in parallel with that of the nation.



But above all, she invented the modern handbag as we know it, since she filed the first patent in 1908.

From then on, ladies had something to powder their noses with when they travelled.


The title of Fournisseur Breveté de la Cour was granted to the Maison Delvaux in 1883. During the reign of King Leopold II.


The inventor of the contemporary handbag is Belgian!

The Delvaux brand of bags is almost part of the country's heritage!


Delvaux is a well-kept luxury.

 A symbol of know-how and tradition. Exceptional manufacturing skills.
The Delvaux has become trendy again and even the younger generation swoons over wearing one on their arm.


During her visit to Brussels on the sidelines of the Nato summit in may 2017, Brigitte Macron, accompanied by the other companions and wives of heads of state and government, visited the store of the Maison Delvaux.


Since its creation, the House has created more than 3000 models of bags, some of which have become iconic such as :

*** le « Brillant » created for the 1958 World Fair.

Bag designed in collaboration with the Belgian architect Paule Goethals and creates a link between architecture and design.

Inspiration of the Philips Pavilion.


Temporary Structure built (for its part) by The Corbusier. (1887 – 1965 , he is one of the most famous architects of the 20th century, but also one of the most controversial).

 A best-seller with sober architecture, clear lines, sophisticated simplicity and a recognizable clasp (inspired by the D-shaped horseshoe design of Delvaux).

Even its lining is made of luxury leather, known for its softness.

Cult bag!

The Brillant is also associated with the «Jackie Kennedy» (1929-1994) silhouette through an advertising campaign that pays tribute to her.


Since its creation, the "Brillant" has never stopped reinventing itself.


*** Thee « Tempête » (1967) was inspired by the trapezoidal shape of a sailboat.

Pure lines without forgetting the three studs that allow to close it.

A timeless classic.

The Tempête is for the free-spirited woman who doesn't need anyone to tell her which way the wind is blowing.

Available in different sizes:

The Tempête MM, thee Tempête PM , the Tempête Small






*** the « Pin » (1972)



It was designed as a flexible, light and above all functional handbag.


This Delvaux classic reflects the sense of freedom of the 1970s with its curves and iconic D-shaped compartment.

Peace and Love" era.

The "Pin" bag, inspired by a bag for feeding horses.

Today : The Pin Toy, Pin Eclat, Co-Pin, Pin



A Delvaux bag lasts several generations.

Delvaux has very strong links with the. surrealists.


This poetry is interpreted in some creations.


What do you think of the collection of miniature bags based on its emblematic model: the Brillant and declined in a Lilliputian version?



Delvaux takes us to the four corners of the world.

We leave to discover Paris and its legendary Moulin Rouge,


London and its old school phone booths...,

New York and its iconic yellow cabs or .....

*** As for the « Madame » model (in 1977, it was called « Marronnier »), it has been renewed (more rock and sexier) embodied by the French singer Clara Luciani.


And with acidulous colors, you "crack"?

The Delvaux house also embodies a "belgitude" (a mixture of visceral attachment to Belgium and self-mockery).

Delvaux affirms its commitment to art and reinforces its Belgian roots.

A brand that travels at heart.

Some bags have up to 64 pieces and require 9 hours of assembly.

Luxury is also what you don't see, it's not displayed. It is lived.

Delvaux bags are real living sculptures.

Every new creation is still described and recorded in the "Golden Book".

At the end of June 2021, the Swiss luxury group (listed on the stock exchange) Richemont bought this Belgian flagship of leather goods, Delvaux, based in Brussels.

Richemont…. The world's second largest luxury goods company (behind LVMH), founded in 1988 by South African billionaire Johann Rupert, already owns numerous brands in the fields of jewelry, luxury watches, writing instruments, fashion... It includes such prestigious names as Mont-Blanc, Cartier, Van Cleef, Piaget, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Azzedine Alaïa, Baume & Mercier, Panerai, Chloé... She is also behind the online sales sites Net-à-Porter and Mr Porter.

Now that it has its own e-shop, the Belgian leather goods company Delvaux offers an even clearer view of the extent of its collection.

Some "stars" swear by Delvaux...


What about you?

What is your choice, your preference?

Mini, small, nano...?

The Delvaux brand is also for men:

  • Wallets

  • card holder and coin purse





  • bags

  • pockets



The Maison Delvaux…… to crunch ? As for the cookies of the Maison Dandoy (see blog yummy part "The galerie du Roi - its biscuiterie Dandoy")

Both houses celebrated 185 years of their Made in Brussels know-how.

A successful co-branding (= association between 2 brands leading to the creation of a new product).

The bag could not be bought, but could be won.

A "treasure hunt" took place....

For the occasion, Dandoy brought out the Biscuit Brillant, the chicest of the Brussels cookies.

And Delvaux a bag called "Le Brillant Biscuit", made of soft white leather and decorated with the golden polka dots found on the elegant packaging of the Maison Dandoy.

Two institutions!


Delvaux (rich in history and stylistic evolution) opened his own MUSEUM in 2019 and is entitled "Ceci n'est pas un musée


Maison Delvaux - L'Arsenal - Bd Louis Schmidt, 7 in 1040 Bruxelles - Tél: 02.738.00.40


This is not a traditional museum as one might imagine it.

The scenography has been entirely thought by the Flemish artistic director Bob Verhelst (Graanmarkt 13 à Anvers, that's him).

Graanmarkt 13 is not only a restaurant but a global concept where you can eat, have someone eat, do fashion shopping or stay ....

Come hungry, leave happy ?

Graanmarkt 13 won the title of best groentenrestaurant in Flanders in 2017, awarded by Gault et Millau.

In 2019, it ranks in the top 10  best vegetable restaurants in the world!


This restaurant is atypical in many ways.


Its setting is amazing as it is a mix of concept store and gallery.

Guided tours of the workshops and the DELVAUX MUSEUM are available by appointment only.

The premises can also be rented for private events.

You can combine your evening with a visit to the workshops and even make a card holder yourself.


« "The deal is in the bag"?  


No, not the French film by brothers Pierre and Jacques Prévert released in 1932.

You can dream with the Delvaux bag "The Dreamer" (2021), a nod to the sixties, gingham pattern with navy blue shades ....

Collector bag 100% without leather!

And to extend this dream in one of the rooms of the HOTELS ARIS GRAND PLACE  and ALMA GRAND PLACE.