In the heart of the cobbled streets of Brussels, in the magnificent architectural ensemble of the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, is a gastronomic treasure : La Taverne du Passage. This emblematic brasserie, located at number 30 of the Galerie de la Reine, has been attracting lovers of authentic Belgian cuisine for decades. Let’s discover its history, explore its tempting menu, and why it remains an unparalleled reference for lovers of good food in Brussels.



Enjoy the American Fries

At the heart of the menu of La Taverne du Passage, a dish remains a must, a real Belgian institution : the American Frites. Fresh, crispy, and accompanied by a fresh salad, the fries served here are a delight to taste at any time of the year. This dish, successfully reinvented, offers guests an authentic Belgian culinary experience. The question is: how do you prefer to taste your American? here you have the choice between preparing it yourself or letting the expert chefs of Belgian cuisine do it.


A Return to the Roots

The Tavern du Passage has its roots in an establishment formerly known as "Café de la Renaissance" in the 19th century. In 1928, the current brand, "La Taverne du Passage", emerged, marking the beginning of a memorable gastronomic era. Headed by Monsieur Demol after the war, son Léon Demol transformed the establishment into a real culinary institution. Léon, a jazz trumpeter, also helped create the finest wine list in the Kingdom, making the Taverne du Passage a place where the bourgeois enjoyed traditional Belgian dishes.

Famous Encounters

The reputation of La Taverne du Passage extends well beyond its delicious culinary specialties. This restaurant has been frequented by celebrities such as Maurice Béjart, the famous dancer and choreographer, Guy Bedos, the French comedian, and Charles Aznavour, the legendary Franco-Armenian singer. These personalities helped to forge the history of this place, giving it an undeniable status in the cultural and gastronomic landscape of Brussels.


A Tribute to Music and Art

Léon Demol, the founder of La Taverne du Passage, was a renowned jazz trumpeter. His influence extended beyond the kitchen, also permeating the Brussels music scene. The mythical "Blue Note" in the Galerie des Princes was the place where the greatest jazzmen performed, thus contributing to the artistic aura of La Taverne du Passage.


The relays of tradition : Aux Vieux Saint Martin

The Niels family, formerly associated with La Taverne du Passage, also has a renowned restaurant in the Grand Sablon : Aux Vieux Saint Martin. This Brussels institution, located at 38 Place du Grand Sablon, welcomed personalities such as singer Lara Fabian. With its warm atmosphere and exquisite menu, Aux Vieux Saint Martin perpetuates the Belgian culinary tradition and offers a memorable gastronomic experience.


Belgian Classics and More More

Aux Vieux Saint Martin, like La Taverne du Passage, offers a selection of classic Belgian dishes. Among the unmissable are the little greys of Namur, snails exclusively transformed on the farm of Vieux Tilleul in Bierwart. Liégeoise veal kidneys are also on the menu, reflecting the continued dedication to authentic Belgian flavours.

The Niels Saga and Belgian Know-How

The Niels family marked the culinary history of Brussels with the invention of the "American net" in 1924. Although its origin is linked to the French steak tartare, the American filet has found its place in Belgian gastronomy thanks to Joseph Niels, director of La Taverne Royale. Today, the Niels family continues to live this heritage within its establishments, thus perpetuating the tradition of Belgian know-how.

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The Renaissance of La Taverne du Passage

In 2021, Raphaël Nataf, a rising figure in the Brussels restaurant industry, took over the reins of La Taverne du Passage. The establishment, true to its roots, continues to offer an exceptional culinary experience. Tasting the Passage French toast with its vanilla ice cream is an example of the creativity and refinement that characterize the cuisine of La Taverne du Passage.


Today, La Taverne du Passage continues to delight lovers of good food with dishes that have crossed time. Its gastronomic heritage, its warm atmosphere, and its unique location in the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert make it an essential place for those who wish to enjoy the art of living in Brussels. Whether you are a lover of traditional Belgian cuisine, a lover of culinary history, or simply a curious eager for discoveries, La Taverne du Passage located close to the Aris Grand-Place hotel invites you to a taste journey in the heart of Belgian flavors. A tasting here is not just a meal, it is a celebration of the Belgian art of living, a tribute to a tradition that transcends time.