In the heart of the historic district of Brussels, in one of the oldest shopping malls in Europe, a bouquet of history and tradition mixes with the scent of leather...



(Galerie de la Reine 3)

Phone : +3225127538


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Closed only on Sundays.


Located at the entrance of the Galerie de la Reine, on the Grand-Place side.



Witness of a craft under the sign of luxury ...

The glove "exposes" itself.


Don't gloves personalize your attitudes?




Gloves (long) bring chic and elegance to any outfit.


Excellent companions... like a second skin?

This glove factory is a true jewel of tradition in the Galleries.


The store has seen four generations and has recently undergone a complete makeover. Relooking and the original structures have remained "in their juice".

Admire the woodwork that has adorned this store for over 130 years.


Imposing wooden drawer cabinet.


You will find a very large choice of :



*** and handmade belts.

*** Straps


*** Wallets







*** Natacha Runze's bag?


Handmade, composed of leather from a family tannery eco-responsible and a French acastillage equally qualitative.


Handmade leather bag for men and women.


You can use it as a shoulder bag / crossbody as well as a backpack.


The silver zipper is from the YKK.


To discover!

All gloves are made with the best leathers by renowned craftsmen.


Which leather should you choose?


-        The famous Pécari ?


It is derived from a wild South American pig.


The peccary is often considered the ultimate in
 of the "glove industry". In addition to a very soft touch, it offers great flexibility.


For the anecdote, it is also the leather supporting the best water.

  • Lamb leather ?
    It is one of the most flexible skins, if not the most flexible.





    Ideal for glove making.

  • deer leather ?​


A velvet hand in a deer glove?

You are probably thinking of the adage "An iron hand in a velvet glove" often used in politics.

It would be derived from an expression of Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte - (1763-1844) - French military of the XIXth century become king of Sweden (Karl XIV Johan) et Norway (Karl III Johan).


The glove is loaded with symbolism! Note all these expressions such as:


* "Take gloves" (= take precautions not to hurt someone),

* "Throw down the gauntlet" (= challenge someone to a fight),


*"Fitting like a glove" to someone


*"Turn someone over like a glove" (= make someone change his mind completely)...

This glove shop designs its own collections and offers you exclusive models!

A traditionally made glove requires four to five people.



Don't hesitate to push the door of number 3 of the Galerie de la Reine.


This glove factory was very appreciated by Reine Astrid (1905/1935) in her time.

This place is perfect for a special gift idea.

The Ganterie Italienne lives with the times by offering, for example, tactile leathers (made of special leather dyed in the mass and lined with silk) that allow the use of smartphones and other tablets.


You will always receive expert advice.


A beautiful glove is first and foremost an object you want to touch, right?



Observe the way they will put the gloves on you, quite an "Art".


The wearing of gloves dates back to the Middle Ages, as does the art of their manufacture by gantiers parfumeurswho were also concerned with masking the strong smell of the leather.


The Ganterie Italienne is a store full of charm!


An institution!

Notice his "cash register" NCR (National Cash Register)

The cash register, which has become a must in all businesses, was invented in the United States at the end of the 19th century.

At a time when craftsmanship is a bit of a refuge, gloves are more trendy than ever.


The glove, this indispensable accessory becomes the one to adopt for your chic outings!


Isn't it "gant-astic"?


You can take off your gloves with panache and sensuality, like Gilda/ Rita Hayworth in one of the ARBANY hotels.

"You are only the glove, and I am the hand" said Victor Hugo.

If you had lived in Brussels between 1851 and 1871, you might have been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Victor Hugo at the window of his Grand-Place room and to catch him escaping from his mistress Juliette Drouet's apartment in the Galeries Saint-Hubert.

Or meet him at the "Café de la Renaissance", the current Taverne du passage), headquarters of the Cercle Artistique et Littéraire.

Don't look for any more pretexts, come and visit this ITALIAN GANTERIE.



A glove factory in Brussels to discover absolutely!


Two steps from the Hotel Aris Grand Place

What about its duplex room?





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