If you're planning a trip to Brussels for the festive season and are looking for affordable hotels, follow these handy tips to ensure you have a pleasant stay without blowing your budget.

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General tips

1. Book in Advance: Anticipation and Savings

To maximise your chances of finding great rates and having a wide choice of options, book your hotel as early as possible. Prices tend to rise in the run-up to the festive season, so plan ahead to take advantage of more affordable rates.

2. Search for Special Offers: Explore Discounts

Use accommodation comparison and booking sites to find special offers and discounts dedicated to the festive season. Special offers can often be found, saving you money on your holiday.

Online tips

1. Use Comparison Sites: Maximise Your Search

Explore accommodation comparison sites such as Lastminute.com, Booking or TripAdvisor to compare prices and availability of hotels in Brussels. These platforms help you find the best deals in one place.

2. Consult Blogs and Tourist Information: Valuable Advice

Consult blogs and tourist information sites for advice and recommendations on accommodation in Brussels. Experienced travellers often share tips for economical and enjoyable stays.

3. Use Promo Codes: Save Even More

Don't hesitate to use promo codes and discounts available on accommodation comparison sites. These codes can offer you additional discounts on your bookings, allowing you to save even more.


By following these tips, you can maximise your chances of finding an affordable hotel to make the most of the end-of-year festivities in Brussels. Whether you opt for early booking, exploring online or using promo codes, these practical tips will help you make your stay as economical as it is memorable.