Brussels is a dynamic and cultural city, offering many opportunities for entertainment and culture. In January 2024, a variety of events are on offer to delight lovers of music, art, cinema and comedy. Here are five events not to be missed at the start of the year.

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Brussels Jazz Festival 2024

The Brussels Jazz Festival is a not-to-be-missed event for jazz fans. It takes place from 13 to 24 January at Flagey, a cultural centre housed in an art deco building that once housed Belgium's national radio station. The festival offers a varied programme featuring artists such as Yoni Mayraz, Donder, Erik Truffaz, Kiefer and many others.

These artists are just a sample of the richness and diversity of the Brussels Jazz Festival, which also features concerts by Nubya Garcia, Shai Maestro, Melanie De Biasio, Avishai Cohen, Portico Quartet and many others. The festival also offers lectures, screenings, workshops, jam sessions and entertainment for children.

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Bond In Motion

Bond In Motion is an exhibition being held at the Autoworld Museum until 28 January. It features a collection of cars, gadgets and costumes used in the James Bond films.

The exhibition plunges you into the world of Agent 007, through more than 100 objects emblematic of his adventures. You can admire legendary cars such as the Aston Martin DB5, the Lotus Esprit, the BMW Z8 and the Jaguar XKR. You can also discover unusual gadgets, such as the jetpack, the explosive pen, the rocket-launching mobile phone and the laser watch. You can also see costumes worn by the actors, such as Sean Connery's dinner jacket, Halle Berry's dress, Javier Bardem's suit and Léa Seydoux's jumpsuit.

The exhibition lets you relive the cult scenes from the James Bond films, through video extracts, posters, photos, models and anecdotes. You can also test your knowledge of the saga with interactive quizzes. Finally, you can put yourself in the shoes of the secret agent, thanks to driving simulators, video games and virtual reality animations.

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Antoni Tapiès. The Practice of Art

Antoni Tapiès. The Pratique of Art is an exhibition being held at the Palais des Beaux-Arts until 4 February. It features works by the Catalan artist Antoni Tapiès, who combined painting, sculpture and collage.

The exhibition retraces the career of this major 20th-century artist, who explored the possibilities of materials, signs and symbols. More than 100 works will be on display, reflecting his stylistic development and influences. You'll see abstract works such as "Composition", "Matière grise et verte" and "Croix et R". You can also see figurative works, such as "Chair and clothes", "Head and letters", or "Trousers and shirt". Finally, there are political works such as "Drapeau catalan", "Hommage à Picasso" and "Prisonnier politique".

The exhibition allows you to discover the artistic approach of Antoni Tapiès, who used a variety of materials, including sand, canvas, wood, metal, paper and everyday objects. You will also be able to understand the meaning of his works, which express his vision of the world, his social commitment, his spirituality and his quest for identity. Finally, you can appreciate the beauty of his works, which play with shapes, colours, textures and contrasts.

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Grand Corps Malade

Grand Corps Malade is a famous French artist who performs poetic and funny slams, accompanied by his musicians. He performs on 14 January at the Forest National, a concert hall in Forest, a commune of Brussels.

A committed and generous artist, Grand Corps Malade tackles themes such as love, family, society, politics and culture. He uses simple, colourful language that touches audiences with its sincerity and humour.

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Rock Sympho Show 2024

The Rock Sympho Show 2024 is an unusual concert combining rock and symphonic music in a XXL show. The Prime Orchestra will be bringing together 35 musicians and singers on stage at the Cirque Royal on 10 January at 8pm. The concert promises to turn the Brussels music scene upside down with a unique fusion of rock and symphonic music, two seemingly opposing musical genres yet so complementary! Tickets for the show are available here.

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