Let's pick up where we left off! Do you remember Camille Thomas?


Camille Thomas and Félicien Bogaerts met for the PLAN CULT show in a magical place chosen (architectural reference) for this exchange, namely the sumptuous HOTEL SOLVAY (open to the public since 23 January 2021).  

Thanks to Alexandre Wittamer (owner of the place) for offering this gift to all the inhabitants of Brussels as well as to tourists (including those staying in the hotels Alma Grand Place and Aris Grand Place), allowing them to take a breath of culture during the visit of this "museum".

Culture is essential! Vital!

The Hotel Solvay is a luxurious residence, emblematic of Art Nouveau (listed as a Unesco heritage site) built by Victor Horta (1895/1898) who was given carte blanche to design the interior furniture down to the smallest detail (marble, furniture, chandeliers, carpets, etc.).

One of the architect's most accomplished works. Recognised as the major work of V. Horta.

I invite you to go there (depending on the time), you will be enchanted!


It is located on Avenue Louise (name given to this street in honour of Princess Louise Marie Amélie (1858/1924), the eldest daughter of the King of the Belgians, Leopold II.

Not to be confused with Princess Louise of Belgium, daughter of Prince Laurent.

Place Stéphanie refers to her sister Stéphanie (Stéphanie Clotilde Louise Herminie Marie Charlotte of Belgium - 1864/1945).

Would you like to know which exhibition is worth seeing in the Federation Wallonia-Brussels? The concert not to be missed?  The artist of the moment? Félicien Bogaerts offers you ideas for going out in his programme "Plan cult" (see episode 04).

Just like the Arbany Hotels team offers you tips on social networking sites


If you like art books (mainly contemporary art) and beautiful books, I recommend the bookshop "PEINTURE FRAICHE" in Ixelles.

A reference!

This art bookshop (located next to the parvis de la Trinité) is one of the prettiest in Brussels (two large display windows, one of which has books on sale). 

It is a real institution in the capital, located near the ERG (Ecole de Recherche Graphique) and the Place du Châtelain

I recommend it because of its wide range of books on architecture, design, illustration, graphic design, photography... Exceptional selection of books on Japan


I like their eclecticism, their editorial line. 

Multicultural clientele. Gallery space. 

Why the name "Peinture Fraiche"? 

Anecdote, of course, but I like it.   Info "to be taken with brushes"? This dates back to the time when the bookshop (then without a name) displayed a sign "Caution: fresh paint". One of the first customers, on entering, jokingly asked if this was the name of the bookshop... And so the name stuck.

What I also appreciate about this bookshop is their advice and knowledge of the subject. As is required of the staff working in the Arbany Hotels .  We invite you to make a diversion to see for yourself. 

As for the (Catholic) parish CHURCH of the SAINTE-TRINITE (in the (neo)baroque style) located on the square of the same name (straddling the communes of Ixelles and Saint-Gilles), it was built in two phases.


The façade of this building comes from the former Augustinian church (or temple) built in 1620 and demolished in 1893 to make way for the creation of the PLACE DE BROUCKERE (square in the centre of Brussels). Just like the Arbany Hotels. In the heart of Brussels

This square, known to all the inhabitants of Brussels, is named after Charles de Brouckère (1796-1860), who was mayor of Brussels and a professor at the Free University of Brussels (U.L.B)... 

The PLACE DU CHÂTELAIN, located in the upmarket district of Ixelles, is known for its (very trendy) Wednesday market from 2pm to 7pm.

"The place to be (seen)". Stands lined up along two long aisles offer organic products, farm products, waffles, homemade cakes, quiches, etc. Quality products.

You pay for the 'bourgeois frame'.

Where does this name come from? In the past, part of Ixelles formed a châtellenie (land under the jurisdiction of a lord castellan)

Emblematic square, place of life, meetings and entertainment in Ixelles

Trendy place with a lot of bars, restaurants and quality shops.

Numerous terraces in the "Quartier Châtelain".

A sort of small village with a "bon chic, bon genre" atmosphere.

No, not "atmosphere atmosphere..." Not Arletty.


Strangely enough, just a stone's throw from this square is the central shop "Les Petits Riens" (a Belgian non-profit organisation created in 1937, whose aim is to fight against poverty and social exclusion).

Possibility to buy second-hand articles, clothes, toys, furniture.... At interesting prices.

Not to be confused with "Ces petits riens" (a song by Serge Gainsbourg) covered in a jazzy way by the American Stacey Kent.


In the next episode, Jazz will rock you!