We continue our journey through Brussels with Marc L. in this 4th episode.

Discover now the personalities who have influenced the history of the city.


This glass cube in the Square often reminds me of "El Cubo" in Malaga (Picasso's home town).

Multicolored cube made by the artist Daniel Buren (French painter, sculptor born in 1938).

Did you know that Daniel Buren realized in 2009 a work "Blue on yellow" on the Place de la Justice in Brussels? (89 yellow poles, flags of 25 different shades of blue, each pole with a light at the top...). Few steps away the Alma Grand- Place hotel

Yes, to the integration of works of art in the public space! Brussels, city of Art, of surprises, of discoveries, of encounters, Brussels "ma belle"...


centre pompidou malagaCenter Pompidou in Malaga... and in Brussels?

No jealousy.

Our KANAL – CENTRE POMPIDOU will become the largest cultural institution in Brussels (35.000 m2)

Let's hope for an official opening in 2022 ? 2023 ?...

citroen garage brussels

And this building. The former Citroën Yser garage.

A whole era.

I liked to glimpse from this viaduct of the boulevard Léopold II (famous urban highway), the DS (unforgettable) and the Citroën SM Maserati ... which for me was for a long time the car of my dreams (presidential limousine in France).

 The Centre Pompidou in Malaga presents masterpieces by great artists such as Giacometti (1901-1966), Picasso (1881-1973), Bacon (1909 - 1992),      Brancusi (1876 - 1957).

 In Brussels ...

 Constantin Brancusi (1876/1957) of whom I remember the exhibition "Brancusi Sublimation of the form" which was developed within the framework   of Europalia Romania in 2019/2020 at BOZAR (Brussels).

 All his emblematic works (the Sleeping Muse, the Kiss, Leda ...) were present next to works of Rodin (his master ?) ...

 Very nice catalog by the way.

 Every two years, EUROPALIA (international festival) presents the cultural heritage of a country through numerous events (exhibitions, dance,     concerts, theater, cinema, literary meetings ...).


How lucky we are to discover the culture, the history of a country.... In different places in Belgium and of course in our beautiful capital Brussels.

We are all looking forward to the next exhibition from 14/10/21 to 15/05/22 entitled "Europalia Trains & Tracks". Reservations are open...

I enjoy walking around Brussels and thinking about Rodin (1840/1917).

Knowing that he lived 6 years in our capital (where he would have spent the most beautiful years of his life) as a "real Brusselsman"?

He left many sculptural traces.

Leave your room at the Arbany Hotels and within 3 minutes you will find yourself in front of the BOURSE PALACE OF BRUSSELS.


Admire the decorative frieze he sculpted on the themes of industry, agriculture, arts and science.


"Our" tramway 92 reminds me that he particularly liked Beethoven (1770/1827).


Regularly, during his journeys, he likes to make a small nod to the medallion portrait of Ludwig Beethoven(1874) on the façade of the ROYAL CONSERVATORY OF BRUSSELS (1832), rue de la Régence 30. One of the first realizations of this French sculptor, often considered as one of the fathers of modern sculpture.


Victor Hugo(died in 1885) also admired Ludwig van Beethoven.

Thank you to the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, to the teachers, students ... for having paid such a beautiful tribute (November 2020) to this German composer of genius for his 250th birthday thanks to the festival "Beethoven 250" (online!). 13 concerts, 2 integrals, colloquium ... and for free!


Culture is essential!

Brussels "symphony".


« Danke » … BOZAR for this exhibition entitled "Hotel Beethoven" (October 2020/January 2021), a "musical journey" exploring different eras.

Exhibition interrupted on January 18, 2021, due to a fire at BOZAR.


Beethoven is more than ever an icon, a figure who still speaks to us today. He leaves us a beautiful musical heritage, a source of inspiration..


"Can art make us listen differently? "

Our teams are willing to listen to you "differently".


It was in Belgium that our "Auguste" created "l’Age d’airain" (1877), his first great work.


Belgium, a "creation" country ?

Brussels "inspiration"?


Thank you Brussels for the exhibition "Quand Rodin vivait à Bruxelles" (2017) at White Atrium- Espace Rodin.


I have long wondered why "Our 92" smiles when it "passes" in front of the SQUARE DU PETIT SABLON. Je me

Perhaps he has a " weakness" (a "boentje " ?) for the sculpture of this Belgian Paul de Vigne (1843/1901), friend of Auguste?


And what to say of the Belgian artists with whom, he had bound a beautiful friendship: Modeste Carlier (1820/1878 - painter), Jules Dillens (1849/1904 - sculptor), Gustave Biot (1833/1905 - painter and engraver)...


When I hear someone mention the name of Rodin, I think of his pupil, his mistress.... Camille Claudel (1864 / 1943) masterfully interpreted by              Isabelle Adjani (César of the best actress) in Bruno Nuytten's film "Camille Claudel " (1988).


Rodin lived in Ixelles ... Just like one of the greatest legends of American cinema, Audrey Hepburn where she was born rue Keyenveld 48.

Brussels "Star" ?

Thanks to her eldest son for paying tribute to her at the "Intimate Audrey" exhibition (2019).

Icon of cinema, style and elegance, who liked to repeat "I was born here in Brussels. I say that with great pride.


Brussels also has its "Père Lachaise" ....

"no maybe"....

Information? Intox?... Let's meet on...


The continuation in the next episode!


By Marc L.