You are planning to discover Brussels and would like to see the seaside as well?

Don't hesitate, at Arbany our hotels Aris Grand Place & Alma Grand Place are ideally located! Enjoy day trips to the seaside and come back to Brussels to sleep.


Getting to Ostend: 1 hour from Brussels

Ostend is located on the Belgian coast in Flanders and is a seaside destination that everyone loves. The golden sandy beach is surrounded by the calm and warmth of the sea. The facilities offer all the necessary comfort for a relaxing stay. Ostend is ideal for the whole family, including children. Only 1 hour by train from Brussels. If you are on holiday nearby, looking for peace and relaxation, don't wait any longer! Come to Ostend to see the sea and sunbathe, then stay in the area to see art exhibitions, temporary installations and visit the typical city centre.

If you are adventurous, you can decide to go on a fishing boat from another quay: the visit lasts a whole day and you can keep all the fish you can catch.

At the end of the day, stop off at one of the many small restaurants in the area for some of the best local cuisine, not forgetting the mussels and prawn croquettes. A perfect end to the day in 100% Belgian style.


Knokke-Heist: 1h30 from Brussels

The Knokke coastline stretches for several kilometres, dotted with sand dunes, pastel-coloured huts and blue and white striped screens: it will be a pleasure to put down a deckchair in such a place and sleep peacefully under the hot sun. If you like nightlife, Knokke-Heist is definitely your destination for a holiday in Belgium: sunbathing during the day, having an aperitif in the evening and dancing in the various clubs on the beach.

Knokke is most beautiful if you visit it slowly: take a walk or rent a bike to discover its charm 100%. If you need a thrill, you can always practice surfing: several beach facilities offer all the necessary equipment for a day of water sports.

You will also be fascinated by the quality of the food: Knokke is famous for its fresh fish.


On a completely different note, during the summer holidays there are plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy in the cabins of Zwin Parc Nature. The Zwin Parc Nature is an interactive nature park for the whole family. The Zwin plain is a unique natural area with a rich variety of flora and fauna. The plain lives to the rhythm of the tides and the seasons. Every season, every day is different. There is always something to see or discover…



De Panne 

Made famous by Operation Dynamo in 1940, De Panne is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. This resort has the longest beach at low tide and is the place to watch the ballet of the sailing carts. De Panne has everything you need for a pleasant stay: a huge shopping street, a charming seafront, beautiful villas, art nouveau and art deco, and even Belgium's largest amusement park, Popsaland.