Brussels, the Belgian jewel, offers a multitude of activities for families and friends during the end-of-year holidays. Here are a few suggestions for a memorable stay in the company of your loved ones.

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Visit the Christmas Markets

Brussels lights up during the festive season with its famous Christmas markets. From the Christmas market on the Grand-Place to the Marché aux Poissons, the Brussels Stock Exchange and Place Sainte-Catherine, each place offers a unique experience. Children will marvel at the colourful stalls, games and festive decorations.

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Discover the Christmas Lights

The streets of Brussels are decked out in magical lights, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. A night-time stroll through the illuminated city will be an enchanting experience for all the family.


Shopping at Galeries Saint Hubert

Galeries Saint Hubert is the ideal place to go shopping over the festive period. The festive atmosphere and decorated shop windows add a magical touch to your family shopping day.

Taste a Raclette

Taste the delicious raclette, a traditional Swiss dish that finds its way onto Brussels tables over the Christmas period. It's a culinary experience the whole family will love.

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Attend a Candlelight Concert

Candlelight concerts are a popular activity during the Christmas holidays in Brussels. Let yourself be carried away by the music with your family in a magical atmosphere.

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Explore the Museums and Tourist Sites

Brussels is bursting with cultural riches. Take advantage of your holiday to visit museums, art galleries and tourist sites that offer educational and entertaining experiences for young and old alike.

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A magical Christmas holiday for children

During the Christmas holidays, Brussels offers a wide range of events and activities specially designed for children.

Visit the Children's Christmas Markets

Christmas markets aren't just for adults. The stalls offering games and fun activities will delight the youngest visitors. These markets become veritable ephemeral theme parks.

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Attend shows for young audiences

Brussels offers shows for young audiences, such as

  • Kids Winter Wonderland 2023 : a magical winter festival for children, taking place from 23 December 2023 to 7 January 2024. It's an event held in halls lit up with twinkling lights, with Christmas trees adorned with garlands and baubles.
  • Children's theatre : There are several children's theatre shows on offer in Brussels. Children's theatre events are available to buy on Ticketmaster Belgium.
  • BOTA KIDS : Le Botanique offers the "Bota Kids" project, an introduction to music and the visual arts for children.
  • The Royal Theatre of Toone : this puppet theatre offers child-friendly shows in Brussels.

An entertaining way to share unique moments with your children.

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Perched Fondue

A fun and delicious activity for all the family. Enjoy a fondue above a cauldron while listening to Christmas stories and songs.

Art initiation

Brussels' museums and art galleries offer child-friendly workshops and exhibitions, providing an introduction to the fascinating world of art.

Charity events

Take part in charity events organised especially for children. Concerts by children's choirs and guest artists aim to raise funds for charities.

Wool outing

Organise a wool outing, inviting families to wear colourful jumpers with Christmas details to raise awareness of the vulnerable situation of other children and young people. A fun and warm way to share the Christmas spirit.

Free activities for children

During the Christmas holidays, Brussels also offers a variety of free activities for children, allowing everyone to make the most of the magic of the season.

  • Galerie Horta : Until 8 January 2024, Galerie Horta is offering an enchanted winter village with free activities for children, creating a magical world for the whole family.
  • Educational Museums and Interactive Spaces : Explore Brussels' many educational museums and interactive spaces, such as the Tintin Museum, which offer free activities for children during the Christmas holidays.
  • Amusement Parks : Some amusement parks in Brussels offer free or reduced-cost activities for children during the Christmas holidays, creating a fun-filled day out for the whole family.
  • Guided bike rides : Guided bike rides offer routes specially designed for children. Some options are free or at a reduced cost, allowing the family to enjoy the fresh air while discovering the city.
  • Totemus : this free app offers a network of over 100 connected walks in the form of a treasure hunt around the city. A fun and educational way for families to explore Brussels

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The Christmas holidays in Brussels are a magical time with a multitude of activities for families. From enchanted markets to shows for young audiences, art workshops and free activities, every moment spent in the capital during the festive season is a source of precious memories for the whole family.