In the heart of the Brussels winter, the light symphony of Brussels by Lights accompanies the Christmas market until 31 December, from 1pm to 1am. Creating a magical atmosphere in the city with nearly 160 light installations, this event illuminates the streets and shopping streets, turning Brussels into a real light show.


The Show on the Grand-Place

The tradition continues with a sound and light show on the Grand-Place. The magnificent tree, symbol of the season, comes to life in a luminous ballet. And to close the year in style, a fireworks display will be held from the Mont des Arts on December 31, offering a breathtaking visual spectacle.

Brussels by Lights is more than just a light festival. Each light installation is carefully designed to create an immersive experience. By exploring the different illuminated areas, visitors can expect a captivating visual journey through the streets of Brussels.

The Grand-Place, a historical jewel of Brussels, becomes the stage for a breathtaking sound and light show. The ornate facades of the historic buildings serve as a backdrop for a luminous choreography that tells the history of the city. The play of light accentuates the architectural details, creating a magical fusion of past and present.

New Year’s Fireworks from the Mont des Arts

The iconic summit of the Mont des Arts offers a breathtaking view of the city. On 31 December, it becomes the perfect place to watch the New Year’s fireworks. The colorful explosions and illuminations create a festive atmosphere that spreads throughout Brussels. Visitors can choose various strategic observation points to fully appreciate this grandiose spectacle, marking the passage to a new year full of hope and promise.

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The Artistic Exploration of Light Zones

Brussels by Lights offers an artistic exploration through the different light zones scattered throughout the city. Each area has its own visual identity, capturing the essence of Brussels in a unique way. From abstract light creations to interactive installations, every corner of the city becomes a canvas on which light dances with creativity.

An Interactive Experience

Beyond mere observation, Brussels by Lights also offers interactive installations that invite visitors to become actors of this luminous symphony. Works where light reacts to movement, sound installations that respond to the voices of passers-by, each interaction adds a participative dimension to the event, transforming visitors into ephemeral creators.

Winter atmosphere and Tradition

The winter atmosphere that surrounds Brussels by Lights harmonizes perfectly with the festivities of the season. The streets, adorned with shimmering lights, create a warm atmosphere that contrasts with the freshness of winter. This immersion in tradition and modernity makes this event a symbol of the Christmas spirit in Brussels.

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Brussels by Lights is not just a series of light installations, it is a visual symphony that illuminates the city and the hearts of visitors. From the sound and light show on the Grand-Place to the New Year’s fireworks from the Mont des Arts, every moment is an explosion of light and color. It is an invitation to celebrate the art, tradition and magic of the season in the dazzling splendor of Brussels by Lights.