Until 31 December 2023, the streets of Brussels are adorned with sparkling lights, colorful stalls and a festive atmosphere with the return of the Winter Pleasures. Beyond the Christmas market, this celebration offers a plethora of activities, making Brussels the ideal place for an unforgettable winter getaway.

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Parcours Malin and Gourmet Traditions

With a clever route from Place Saint-Jean to the Grand-Place, passing through picturesque streets, more than 270 chalets offer artisanal products and entertainment for young and old. Gastronomic pleasures are not left behind, with local delights to be enjoyed throughout the course, from the Food Plaza to the Place de la Monnaie.

Every corner of the city offers rich cultural and culinary exploration. Pop-up spaces highlight local history, while restaurants offer a variety of Belgian dishes. It is an opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture and taste the authentic flavors of Brussels.

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The Illuminations of the Grand-Place

At the heart of this fairytale, the Grand-Place of Brussels becomes the luminous jewel of the city. A sound and light show transforms this historic square into a dazzling scene where architecture becomes the canvas for a luminous story. The Christmas tree tradition adds an extra touch of magic, creating an atmosphere where history and modernity meet.

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Best Value Hotels in Brussels

Beyond the festivities, explore the treasures of Brussels. Have a drink on the Grand-Place, become a child at the unusual Train World museum, discover René Magritte at the museum dedicated to him, climb into the Atomium, and taste the specialties of the city, from Belgian fries to delicious chocolate. Each corner of Brussels offers unique discoveries for curious visitors.

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Tradition and Animation for All

Tradition mingles with animation, creating an atmosphere where everyone finds happiness. Entertainment for young and old follow one another, from the rides place Sainte-Catherine to the delights of a tartiflette at the Food Plaza. The festive and friendly spirit spreads in every corner of the market, inviting visitors to participate in this collective magic.

The event perpetuates the tradition of Brussels as one of the most beautiful and renowned Christmas markets in Europe. The ranking as the third best market in Europe by the association "Best European Destination" highlights the exceptional quality of this winter celebration. Each stand, each animation, testifies to the care taken to create an authentic and warm atmosphere.

Ice Rink and Family in the Spotlight

The ice rink, a central point of the Winter Pleasures, offers magical moments for the whole family. Toddlers ride the merry-go-round at Place Sainte-Catherine, and the ice rink Place de la Monnaie becomes the ideal place for sliding moments shared with friends and family. The joyful excitement of the season is reflected in every laugh and smile.

Discovery of Specialities

Climbing the Atomium becomes an architectural adventure, offering panoramic views of the city. Culinary specialties, from Belgian fries and waffles to exquisite chocolate, are to be explored in every corner of Brussels. Each tasting becomes a gastronomic journey, inviting visitors to savour the very essence of Belgian cuisine.

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Exploration of the Artistic Zones

The Winter Pleasures are not limited to tasting delicacies and skating. The ephemeral art zones create a unique visual journey through the city. From luminous sculptures to open-air exhibitions, each corner explores the artistic aspect of Brussels, adding a cultural dimension to this winter wonderland.

Cultural Resonance

Beyond the festive aspect, this event creates a cultural resonance. Belgian traditions, culinary specialties and local art are highlighted, offering visitors a complete immersion in the rich identity of Brussels. Each visit becomes an authentic exploration of the city and its customs.

The Winter Pleasures and the Christmas market in Brussels not only brighten up the holiday season, they create a magical experience. Every detail, every activity, every delight contributes to an atmosphere where magic is tangible. As this winter season ends, the invitation to discover the beauty and warmth of Brussels persists, promising visitors an unforgettable getaway in the Belgian capital.