Gin has been pleasing us for years. Originally from the Netherlands, gin was previously called Genever until English distillers modified the recipe in the late 19th century to create a more refined and light drink.

Usually consumed as a cocktail, some aromatic gins can be enjoyed on the rocks.


We travelled around Brussels to find the rare gin gems.


Pharmacie Anglaise

Do you remember it? Marc L. talked about it in his episode 2 of short trips to the heart of Brussels. Located just a few minutes' walk from our hotels, this cocktail bar with its surprising appearance is sure to please you.

A former pharmacy, as its name suggests, you will find old potions on its shelves!  No Belgian beers or wine, but cocktails of all kinds where Hendrick's Gin is highlighted.


Le Green Lab


More floral, fruity, herbal or even spicy? The Green Lab bartenders will make you discover cocktails straight out of their creativity, accompanied by their homemade syrup!

Close to the Bois de la Cambre, don't hesitate to stop after your walk.




Palo Alto

Looking for a cocktail in a Mediterranean atmosphere? Palo Alto is for us the perfect combination of aperitif; a refreshing gin with food to share!

Would you like a second gin? It's all right, Palo Alto also offers you their delicious sun-drenched specialities.




Le Fabiola

Vary the pleasures!

With a selection of some twenty gins, the Fabiola awaits you in an atmosphere that is both intimate and warm.





Our latest discovery; Made In Kat

The former Moussaillon has been renamed by its new owners and since 28 May has been offering an outstanding selection of Brussels drinks.

Here you will discover a local Gin Tonic accompanied by delicious aperitif boards!

Why do we love it so much? You can enjoy your cocktail over a nice game of petanque! (Don't forget to book your time here!)